Sat, February 17th 2018 Serving the City of Sandusky, Perkins Township, and the Villages of Bayview and Castalia
Visa MasterCard
Criminal & Traffic Fees
Court Costs $100.00
Weddings 25.00
Certified Copy 5.00
ALS Vacate Fee 40.00
BMV Processing Fee - For Warrant Blocks & Forfeiture Release 10.00
To issue BMV License Forfeiture and Warrant Block Fee 25.00
Reschedule OVI School 25.00
Occupational Driving Letter - One Time Fee for Case # 25.00
Continuance for 1:30pm Afternoon Hearings
(Judge's Decision)
Motion to Continue 20.00
Motion to Suppress - Filed within Time Period 0.00
Motion to Suppress - Filed after Time Period 30.00
Bench Warrant Fees 25.00
Collection Agency Process Fee 25.00