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Civil Division
Procedure for Filing Evictions Complaints
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Civil and Small Claims Fees
Revised 03/02/2015
Small Claims Complaint (One or Two Defendants) 65.00
Each additional defendant (3 or more) 10.00
Civil Complaint (one or two defendants) 105.00
Each additional defendant (3 or more) 10.00
Jury Demand Deposit
(due before trial date is assigned)
Amended Complaint, Cross-Complaint, Counterclaim or
Third Party Complaint - Each Party Requiring Service
Service by Publication 400.00
Garnishment 100.00
Bank Attachment (include $1.00 payable to BANK) 25.00
Debtor's Exam and Show Cause Order 30.00
Execution (including $200.00 deposit)**
** complete instructions required; exact location, serial number, detailed description
Administrative Fees on Judgments
2% (1st $10,000) 1% thereafter
Certificate of Judgment 15.00
Certified Copy 5.00
Subpoena 15.00
Civil Case Transferred from Another Court 105.00
Small Claims Case Transferred from Another Court 65.00
Bench Warrant 25.00
Re-Opening of Dormant Case 35.00
Appeal to Court of Appeals (payable to Court of Appeals) 150.00
Satisfactory Entry 15.00
Transfer a Small Claims Case to Civil
(and payment of any outstanding fees and costs)
Billing Fee (for preparation of Invoice for fees not paid in advance) 10.00
Motion to Vacate 15.00
Attachment Before Judgment 50.00
Continuances of Bench Trials (paid in advance) 15.00
All Returned Checks 51.00
Stop Payments
-call Court for current bank fee
Exemplified Copy 6.00
Personal Service (by Bailiff) 10.00
Transfer Case to Another Court 15.00
Replevin 105.00
Objection to Small Claims 50.00
Reissuance of Summons by Certified Mail 10.00
Evictions 105.00