Sandusky Municipal Court

Information on traffic case number TRC 0004446

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Party Involved
Defendants Name:Carruthers, Bartt J
Address: 2713 W Monroe St
City/State/ZIP: Sandusky, Oh 44870
Telephone #:
Social Security #: Confidential
# of Priors:
Warrant(s): None
Date of Birth: 06-15-1963
Race: Undocumented
Sex: Undocumented
Eye Color: Undocumented
Weight: Undocumented
Hair Color: Undocumented
Name: Campbell M Lt
Agency Code: State Of Ohio (Spd)
Unit Number: 912
Violation Information
File Date: 08/01/2000
Ticket Number: 177005
Violation Date: 07-31-2000
Violation Time:
Violation Description: Disorderly Cond
Section #: 2917.11
Degree: 4th Degree Misdemeanor
BMV Offense Code:
Waive Amount:
Hearing Information
Hearing Date: 12/22/2000
Hearing Time: 10:15 AM
Hearing Type: PRT
Mandatory?: Undocumented
Time Waived?: Undocumented
Judges Initials: EJO
Waive Attorney?: Undocumented
Attorney Name: Michael D Kaufman
Attorney Code: 119
Time Limit Days: 89
Time Limit Status: D
Time Limit Jail:
Miscellaneous Information
Summons Issue Date: 07-31-2000
Proof of Insurance Shown ?: No
Operator License Number: Confidential
Operator License Issue State:
Operator License Type:
Plate Number: CIL8551
ITN Number:
Hazardous Material:
Commercial Violation: Undocumented
DUI Test Refused ?: Undocumented
DUI Test Type: Undocumented
DUI Blood Test:
Disposition Information
Conviction Date: 12-22-2000
Dft's Plea: Noc
Dft. Found: G
Fine Amt.: 195.00
Susp.: 150.00
Costs Amt.: 55.00
Susp.: .00
Jail Time: 30
Susp.: 30
O.L. Susp. From:
O.L. Susp. To:

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